"We want a high level of health and wellness in every household. We are committed to provide the best ways in order to achieve this."


"We will help people lead longer, happier lives by improving their health and wellness in mind, body and spirit."


Rezostar Corporation began as a division of Star Paper Corporation. As part of its diversification campaign, Star Paper Corporation created a Healthcare Department on September 21, 2006. This operation was created to supply the diverse needs of the local healthcare industry, taking advantage of Star Paper Corporation's expertise in importation and logistics built over 30 years of business operation.

From its humble beginnings, SPC Healthcare Department was committed to bringing local healthcare & wellness practitioners quality products at affordable prices. Starting as the exclusive local distributor of Mydent International dental supplies, SPC Healthcare Department has continuously grown its product portfolio. With a view towards the future and sustaining its rapid growth, SPC Healthcare Department was incorporated as a separate spin-off company. On December 20, 2010, the new company was incorporated under the name Rezostar Corporation.

Today, it actively imports and distributes various healthcare & personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies throughout the country, including disposable gloves (latex, sterile surgical, vinyl, nitrile, PE, etc.), disposable facemasks, wheelchairs, blood glucose meters & test strips, dental & tattoo safety supplies, and many others.

Having elevated the quality of local healthcare services by offering the best value-for-money propositions adhering to local & international standards, in 2012, Rezostar Corporation endeavored to likewise improve the wellness knowledge of Filipinos. It supports health stores & discerning clientele nationwide via education campaigns & by supplying popular wellness brands, such as Tea Tree Therapy, as tools for Filipinos to attain their health & wellness aspirations.

On one hand, Rezostar Corporation maintains managerial, administrative and logistical strengths inherited from Star Paper Corporation. On the other hand, its distinct corporate identity allows it to fully focus and pursue opportunities to better serve its customers. Ultimately, Rezostar Corporation aims to make a significant contribution to the health and wellness of all Filipinos.